Sandstone Properties and Requirements

Talking about the properties of a sandstone, mainly the rocks are made up of quartz or feldspar while the constitution remains similar to sand. calcium carbonate, silica, iron oxide are the main cementing material that binds the sand together. As these rock grains are rock fragment, pieces and minerals, their color varies from yellow, red, gray, brown, tan or white. Indian market has various Sandstone suppliers as well as exporters. With the ever increasing demand of sandstone , we are witnessing a boom in its market considerably in India, especially in Rajasthan as well as Madhya Pradesh. Whereas, trade of good quality sandstone is also increasing evidentally.

A sandstone is quire hard, weather-resistant, fine grained, compact, homogeneous rocks of sedimentary nature when we discuss its physical properties. Because of these properties it is commonly used in building constructions and as paving material as well. Owing to the hardness and uniformity of grain size, a sandstone can also be used to create grindstones for sharpening blades.

As fine grained aquifers can filter out pollutants, Sandstone has a distinctive requirement as valuable aquifers and petroleum reservoirs. Sandstone also finds its essential usage in building construction and flooring purposes. Its strength and variety of shade makes it a choicest flooring and pavement material for the floors at offices, shopping markets, residences, etc. Sandstones are also used in wall-construction, for example- the Hawa Mahal, Red fort and Rashtrapati Bhawan. Their uniqueness in texture, pattern and colour make them add grace and beauty to the ancient monuments. With an increase in red sandstone demand, we see increase in number of sandstone wholesalers and suppliers. While large amount of sandstone are exported to clients across the countries of U.S.A., Australia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Mexico, etc.

Being highly thermal resistant in nature sandstone is also well in demand as an idle material for construction of fireplaces. Red and yellow sandstones are commonly in demand for this purpose.

India is considered a hub for Sandstone supplies and exports with low profit margins. Sandstone suppliers and exporters deals in all variety of stones with strong commitments to quality of stones, their processing, deliveries as well as service. Rajasthan's red sandstone is the most demanded sandstone of all.

With the rise in demand and usage of sandstone in global market, the number of sandstone dealers have risen considerably lately in India, with its vast reserves and variety of good quality sandstone especially in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Besides the various other states where top quality sandstone is available in abundance, Rajasthan is the major hub for sandstone trade.

The sandstone suppliers ensure impeccable service to their customer by assisting them in the selection of right material to quality control, timely deliveries, fast and correct communication, etc while supplying excellent quality sandstone at highly economical prices.

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