Sandstone Pebbles

Indian SandstonePebbles are small roundish stones which could be either machined or natural. The sandstone pebbles are either roundish or squarish in shape. They vary in size from 25-75 mm (2"), 75-125 mm (4") and 125-175 (6")mm. The pebble stones are available in various colors based on which they are named as - pink sandstone pebbles; silver gray sandstones pebbles; beige sandstone pebbles; mica white pebbles; rainbow sandstone pebbles; red sandstone pebbles; chocolate sandstone pebbles and brown sandstone pebbles.

Pebbles Sandstone are used as decorative stones and come in various hues and sizes and find usage in homes, artificial ponds, fountains, posh lounges, open air theaters, aquaria, parks, out houses and gardens.

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