Sandstone Slabs

Sandstone SlabsThese slabs are flat broad molds of sand stone, available in various shapes like square, rectangular, round, and oval. The size of the slabs are varies from normal random size of 1'x1' to 10Ft x 2Ft. The thickness supplied ranges from 1 to 10cm or above.

Available in wide variation in the composition and colors
Because of wide variation in the composition and colors of sand stone, the slabs made from sandstone are also available in a vast variety which serves different purposes. All the sandstone artifacts are available in different finishes and dimensions. The stone can be both rough surfaced or one surface polish or both surface sawn in desired thickness.

The slabs are put in further use when creating a large variety of things useful in a garden, kitchen, living room, walls, bathroom, etc. Sandstone finds many other applications like making of tables, benches, as gravestone and so on.

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