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Indian SandstoneSandstone finds many applications in making garden fountains, garden furnitures, garden ornaments, planters, statues etc. This soft natural stone has been widely used for over ages to give an ornamental look to the garden. The garden fountains are unique accessories that lend an altogether a different look and feel to the garden. Depending on the size of the garden, the intricately carved fountains are available in almost all sizes varying from large estate sized fountains to quaint cherub fountains.

Sandstone is also used in making Garden lamps and when the electric bulbs are put inside them, it gives wonderful streaks of light through the holes. Sometimes the lamps are also made to put wicks on them and can be lit. The garden trough of sandstone is actually a long, narrow, generally shallow receptacle, which is being increasingly used to nurture small gardens. Garden troughs, made of sandstone are weather proof and capture the attention of the onlookers with their aesthetic, rugged look.

The exquisite natural sandstone has been used to create garden furnitures, in a wide range of styles, finishes, and colors. Yet another application of sandstone in garden decoration is formation of statues, the creative pieces of art. The statues encompass a huge range of handcrafted figures of sandstone, which include human figurines, animals, birds, angels, and fairies.

The blocks and the slabs of the sandstone are used to make the plinths, upon which - the pedestal, statue or a column can be placed. These plinths are mostly designed artistically to serve as a classical garden ornament. Sandstone has also been used to make the decorative containers for the plants and small trees. Sandstone is ideal for making the planters as it ages slowly, can withstand climatic variations, and gives a rugged and antique look.

Besides, sandstone has many other applications in beautifying garden - making garden urns, garden obelisks, garden miniatures and many more.

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