Sandstone – An Ideal Stone for Paving

Indian SandstoneSandstone, also called arenite, according to a basic definition is a kind of sedimentary rock, which is mainly composed of sand-sized minerals or rock grains. The majority of sandstones consist of minerals like quartz, feldspar, hematite and mica. Sandstones are of various types, depending upon their place of origin. Each type is suitable for certain application areas.

However, sandstone found its application in a multitude of areas like for making garden benches, fountains, sculptures, decorative items, etc., but its most popular use could be seen for the purpose of paving. Sandstone, being a stone of high strength and durability is considered ideal for making pavements. Here are some more reasons that make sandstone an ideal stone for the purpose of paving:
  • Price is one of the most important considerations in any work, especially in a task like paving, which involves the use of stones in large numbers. Sandstone is quite an affordable stone, hence appropriate for paving.

  • Sandstones are inherently waterproof and weather resistant by their very nature. The sedimentation process in nature is responsible for their formation, which provides them this strength.

  • Sandstone is a very versatile stone, which is available in beautiful shades and neutral colors including brown and tan shades. Also, sandstone paving can be used both inside and outside the house owing to its hard wearing nature.

  • Sandstone paving compliments both contemporary and traditional building or home styles. The natural sandstone pavings are timeless and classic in appeal.

  • Sandstone pavings are eye-catching by their very appearance. They look stunning, irrespective of the designs and patterns carved on them. Nowadays, sandstone is being widely used for interior flooring and paving purposes also because of its attractive quality.
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